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About Us

Introducing the Calm Side of Summer Living

Calm Collection Santorini is a family owned enterprise that offers a selection of exquisite accommodations in Santorini Island.  Inspired by the love of the Katsipis family, two generations into hospitality in Santorini, and driven by the passion of all its members for offering superb services and unforgettable holiday experiences to all visitors of their homeland, Calm Collection Santorini goes above and beyond to exceed all your expectation for an exclusive and luxurious summer holiday. What comprises Calm Collection Santorini is a gathering of some exquisite elements; to begin with, genuine accommodation with modern amenities; well-thought of services, flawlessly executed; elegant architecture that respects Santorini’s time-honored tradition without compromising high quality standards; together, a recipe for an unforgettable experience. At the same time, we strive to ensure that all our guests’ expectations are met to perfection. Calm Collection is a promise that your stay in Santorini will be an elegant affair, one that you will instantly love and will eagerly wish to repeat!

The story behind Calm Collection Santorini

The story of Calm Collection Santorini begins with Marinos Katsipis, the head of the Katsipis family somewhere around the late 1950’s. After the devastating earthquake of 1956 and against all odds, Marinos chose not to abandon his motherland and instead pursue a living with the only means of transportation of the time, the lovely donkeys. As his family grew after his marriage to Evgenia, he expanded his business into guest hospitality, starting humbly with a few rooms and evolving his business slowly.

Gradually, Santorini progressed into a world-class destination and with it the enterprises of the Katsipis family evolved, getting better and better one step at a time. The oldest son of the family, George, took over the family business and introduced innovative services along with new, modern facilities upgrading Evgenia Suites into a lavish accommodation complex that combines elements that praise Santorini as a holiday destination. The next challenge for George Katsipis was to create another piece of Calm Collection Santorini; that’s how San Marino Suites and Aqua Marine Villa came to be. The latest venture of the Katsipis family is Ayama Hideaway Villa, a lavish accommodation proposal that exceeds all expectations and raises the bar on holiday exclusivity and luxury. We all look forward to the next step of Calm Collection Santorini; one thing is for sure, it will be of the highest standards!

George’s Welcome

The Katsipis family, proud proprietors of Calm Collection Santorini welcome you to the cosmopolitan destination of Santorini Island and the genuine, amiable hospitality of the Calm Collection selection of exquisite suites and villas. Our experience in holiday accommodation is by itself a guarantee that your stay in any of our establishments will be an unforgettable experience, and our love for our homeland and passion for providing flawless services extends that promise to the max.

About Us

Our inspiration derives from the elegant, earthy Cycladic architecture; simplicity that leads to perfection in all aspects of our lives. Every piece of Calm Collection was constructed by local craftsmen, with devotion to the traditional artistry who went to great lengths to accentuate the rudiments of the Cycladic architectonics through the iconic chimneys, the slender curves of the structures and the sturdy, impervious walls.

Our services were designed with the greatest attention to detail and still today, we keep striving to improve our provided comforts and to grow the business that we deeply love. So, we extend our welcome to you, our esteemed guests, our friends, and we promise that your stay in Santorini and Calm Collection will be an amazing holiday experience!

George Katsipis | Calm Collection Founder & Manager