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Katsaboo Restaurant is a brand new gastronomic destination in Santorini, a spot where one can enjoy authentic Santorinian cuisine with a modern twist in a sophisticated environment by the elegant pool of San Marino Suites, along with the exceptional, personalized services that have put Calm Collection at the top of our guest’s preferences as a hospitality establishment in Santorini. 

Behind the creation of Calm Collection is George Katsipis’ passion for outstanding hospitality, whose never –ending strive is to welcome guests to a wholesome Santorini experience. Of course, the delicious, authentic tastes of Santorini had to be included, and the obvious next step for Calm Collection was to launch a restaurant that would encapsulate local gastronomy the way we see it, with our family’s passion for good food, local homegrown ingredients and superb tastes.






The Katsaboo Story

Back in the day, when everything was simpler, genuine and easy-going you would wander the sunny cobbled alleys of Katsaboo neighbourhood and the aromas of rustic homemade food would captivate your senses. Food made with homegrown ingredients, like fava and local cherry tomatoes, grown in people’s backyards and always washed down with wine from Katsaboo’s vineyards. This is just the sensation we wanted to keep alive when launching Katsaboo restaurant, this warm feeling of authentic Santorinian cooking that brings everyone together around the table laughing and singing and we stayed true to all these quintessential elements. 

The Katsaboo Cuisine

Most of the ingredients used in Katsaboo’s dishes are organic and homegrown in the Katsipis family vegetable orchard, and we take great pride in the high-quality of our land’s produce. Fava, cherry tomatoes, white eggplants and our own olive oil and wine are at the forefront of Katsaboo’s cuisine. Our inspiration derives from the freshness of the Aegean, the vivacious tastes of our volcanic lands and the immense culinary heritage of Santorini, to present you with delightfully authentic tastes. 

Step into Katsaboo and let the genuine tastes of Santorini sweep you off your feet, in a gastronomic adventure, personally curated by George Katsipis and the Calm Collection family!