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Katsaboo Restaurant is a new gastronomic destination in Santorini, where one can enjoy authentic Santorinian cuisine with modern influences in an idyllic setting by the beach pool, surrounded by volcanic rocks. At the same time, one can enjoy the unparalleled exclusive services that, for so many years, have put the Calm Collection hospitality group at the top of the preferences of both foreign and local visitors. Behind the creation of Calm Collection and Katsaboo Restaurant is George Katsipis, who with his passion and amiable character welcomes guests from all around the world to an exceptional experience of authentic Santorinian hospitality. Of course, this experience could not be without the amazing, unique flavours of the island, and the next logical step for Calm Collection was to create a restaurant that would include the local cuisine through the eyes of the Katsipis family. With their deep love for good food, the local products they grow themselves and the enchanting taste of Santorini itself, George and the Katsipis family welcome you to Katsaboo Restaurant.



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The Katsaboo Story

The restaurant takes its name after the "Katsaboo" area, and the connection of the Katsipis family with this particular piece of land began when Marinos Katsipis, George's father, bought with his savings the vineyard that today has become the restaurant and the Calm Collection accommodation establishment. His mother, Eugenia, was not pleased with the purchase at first, and wondered why Marinos would go forth with such a procurement, considering that the land was at the lowest part of the village and was considered useless. But with the passage of time, the moment came when this vineyard brought creative inspiration to George Katsipis, who at the age of 17 began to build the first part of "Katsaboo". As his aim was initially to preserve the toponym and heritage of the "Katsaboo” area, today all products served in the restaurant come from the family farm and every visitor should have the opportunity to taste the authentic gastronomy of the island.

The Katsaboo Cuisine

Most of the ingredients used in Katsaboo’s dishes are organic and homegrown in the Katsipis family vegetable orchard, and we take great pride in the high-quality of our land’s produce. Fava, cherry tomatoes, white eggplants and our own olive oil and wine are at the forefront of Katsaboo’s cuisine. Our inspiration derives from the freshness of the Aegean, the vivacious tastes of our volcanic lands and the immense culinary heritage of Santorini, to present you with delightfully authentic tastes. 

Step into Katsaboo and let the genuine tastes of Santorini sweep you off your feet, in a gastronomic adventure, personally curated by George Katsipis and the Calm Collection family!

The pool lounge

Summer Days of Taste & Relaxation

In the center of the Calm Collection premises in Fira, Santorini lies the pool lounge with the unique beach feeling and allure. Select your comfortable sunbed, listen to the soothing sound of the water and order your favourite cocktail, delicious snacks and bites and feel the rejuvenating power of the Cycladic while sunbathing. To make the Pool Lounge experience at Calm Collection even more intriguing, enjoy shisha moments with selected tastes and aromas of premium selected tobacco and more.