If heaven was a place on earth it would be Santorini

Santorini Island by Calm Collection Santorini

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Welcome to the slice of heaven that is Santorini; an island so breathtakingly beautiful. Thousands of years ago the volcano erupted and bequeathed Santorini with the stunning caldera and volcanic soil that gives the tastiest produce, small blessings that redefined Santorini’s character, transforming it into a pure gem of elegance, beauty and indulgence. Today, Santorini is an unparalleled destination that generously gifts its visitors with precious moments and unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime; that is the authentic character of Santorini.

Let the people of Calm Collection Santorini guide you through all the major attractions and the hidden corners of Santorini, for a wholesome sightseeing experience.


Reigning the center of Santorini’s caldera, Fira is the capital of Santorini and the heart of all the action. Breath-taking views to the sea, the volcanoes and the caldera, enchanting architecture perched on the edge of the cliffs and innumerable shops, cafés and restaurants. Bustling with visitors and a vibrant energy, Fira is an attraction by itself, one that beckons you to explore every corner, every museum and church, every gastronomic surprise. From morning till late at night, Fira will change the way you think of island towns.


For many, Santorini is the Lost Atlantis and the findings at the archaeological excavations of Akrotiri feed that belief. What we do know is that a highly advanced civilization lived here thousands of years ago, and the eruption of the volcano in 1600 BC left behind an admirable lava-covered city on the southern end of the island. During the 8th century BC Santorini was colonized by Spartans, who built the city of Ancient Thera, and later on, the Venetians claimed its precious ground. What was left behind from the medieval era of Santorini are the evocative Casteli, strongholds with thick, sturdy walls that warded off pirates and marauders. Pyrgos, Oia, Emporio, Akrotiri, and Skaros at Imerovigli were the five mighty Casteli of Santorini, remnants of a past era with a distinct character that will surely enchant you.


Another gift from the volcano, Santorini’s colourful beaches; the black sands of Perissa, Perivolos, and Kamari, the rusty red rocks of the Red Beach, the pristine pebbles of the White Beach or the lunar cliffs of Vlychada are the most unique and alluring beaches of Santorini. For a more family-friendly option look for Monolithos Beach, whereas for more secluded coves Kolumbos and Kambia are some of Santorini’s tucked away treasures. Most of the island’s beaches are fully organized, with modern amenities, water-sports facilities and beachside bars, taverns, and restaurants for every taste.



Who hasn’t heard of the sunsets of Santorini? The caldera cliffs are the perfect stage for the wonder of nature that takes place every afternoon, offering an incomparable spectacle of the sea and the sun, a dance of light, colour and magic. Some of the most popular spots for watching the sunset are Oia, the Rock of Skaros at Imerovigli, the Monastery of Profitis Ilias and Akrotiri, but there are so many more amazing spots, each with its own charm.


Gastronomy at Katsaboo

The volcanic soils of Santorini gift us with amazingly delicious products and traditional recipes that you can enjoy at the Katsaboo Restaurant. Fiery cherry tomatoes, a unique type of fava, delightful white eggplants and spicy capers, and who could forget the sumptuous local wine? Our chefs find limitless inspiration in the tastes that define this island, merging innovation with tradition and reshaping the culinary scene of the Aegean. As for the wine and cocktails you will find at the Katsaboo Restaurant all the volcanic taste to enjoy your moments in Katsaboo Restaurant.



There are so many intriguing activities to try when exploring Santorini. Perhaps the most popular one is sailing around the caldera, the volcanoes and the coastal beauties of Santorini. Numerous options are available; day or half day cruises, traditional boats, luxurious yachts or catamarans, sunset cruises, fishing trips, island hopping excursions and more. Of course, when so close to the sea, an abundance of water-based activities should be expected; from exciting water-sports to scuba diving and anything else you can think of, you can find it on the beaches of Santorini. As for sightseeing, ancient and medieval sites and museums showcase the rich history of the island, whereas in the many distinguished wineries of Santorini you can get to know the wine making process, along with a tasting of Santorini’s exquisite taste. There are countless options for interesting outings in Santorini; we would be happy to suggest and help you arrange the ones you would prefer, and guide you through the island’s hidden gems!