A journey to the volcanic taste of Santorini


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Everything starts from the land, and the land of Santorini is like no other in the world. The volcano, the scarce water supply, the sea breeze, the humidity and the unique morphology of the landscape grow products with volcanic character and unique taste. Products, recipes, history, simplicity and taste come together to be celebrated at tables filled with laughter that echoes through the ages. The gastronomy of Santorini is a large and delicious chapter, one we respect and celebrate at Calm Collection's Katsaboo Restaurant.

The Products of Santorini

The raw ingredients are the most important part that distinguishes a dish and in Santorini, each product has its own story and unique taste. The first one we choose to mention is also the oldest. Santorinian fava beans have been cultivated on the island for 3,500 years, a unique variety that won PDO certification in 2010. Easy to cook and excellent when paired with the island's capers, fava beans are a dish not to be missed. Next, the Santorinian cherry tomatoes, which arrived on the island only in 1850 from Egypt, but acquired here a special dimension of flavour. They grow without water, only with morning dew droplets, resulting in fruit with hard skin and flesh with an explosive taste. They were one of the main export products of the island, with 14 factories processing it on the island, some of which you can still see today in Perivolos, Monolithos and Vlychada. The Santorinian tomato paste elevates every dish it accompanies and was recognized as a PDO product in 2015. Although the list includes the unique Santorinian cucumber, the katsouni, from which you have to remove the seeds before enjoying its coolness, zucchini, watermelon and more, we will conclude with the local white eggplant. From its colour we understand the uniqueness of this product, but it also stands out in taste since it is sweeter and does not absorb much oil when fried; a delicacy that you must try!

The Wines of Santorini

Wine gladdens the heart... Certainly, the unique wines of Santorini gladden our hearts, since the volcanic varieties of the island give us wines with strong character and divine flavours that you will not find anywhere else. Assyrtiko, Athiri and Aidani, vines that thrive in the harsh soils of Santorini composed of lava and volcanic ash, and which the winegrowers prune into basket shapes, “kouloures” or “ampelies” as they call them, to protect the precious fruit from the meltemi winds of the Aegean. From these grapes the famous Vinsanto is created, known for its sweet taste and especially loved by the Orthodox churches of the Russian Empire for Holy Communion. Get to know Santorini's centuries-old winemaking tradition with a visit to its wineries, where you'll see the vineyards, the traditional canaves and taste the exceptional local wines, to get a taste of everything that makes Santorini such an enchanting and irresistible destination.

The Dishes You Must Try

The gastronomy of Santorini is based on simple traditional recipes, which highlight in the best way the intense flavours of the unique products of the island. Starting with the local fava bean, which is not missing from the dinner table of any family on the island, in all its traditional variations that pair it with capers, octopus or caramelized onions. An equally characteristic and favourite dish, the delicious tomato balls with their explosive taste synonymous with summer, while of course, fish and seafood also have their place on our table. The local white eggplant with its light flavour is the perfect accompaniment for wine or ouzo, while a fresh Santorini salad with tomatoes, katsouni cucumbers, chloro cheese and capers gives another dimension to the classic Greek salad that we all love. As for desserts, bakeries and pastry shops of the island offer the ethereal melitini, and the koufeto, traditionally served at weddings.