Introducing a new gastronomic destination


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Our strive for offering a genuine and highly satisfying hospitality experience of Santorini to all our visitors goes one step further this year; let us introduce you to our brand new restaurant. Here, we will incorporate our love for the land of Santorini and its precious, delicious products with our culinary tradition and modern cuisine, to create a gastronomic concept that will please your palate the Santorinian way!

The Genuine Gastronomy of Santorini

At Calm Collection and especially at the Katsaboo Restaurant we strongly continue to serve genuine tastes of Santorini. The rich flavoured fava, the juicy cherry tomatoes, the capers and so many other products and recipes from the culinary traditions that the Katsipis family passes from generation to generation. Here you will have the chance to taste only the authentic and the pure tastes of the volcanic soils of Santorini in dishes that reflect the gastronomic taste of an island like no other. Discover and enjoy the delicious offerings of Santorini and eat like a local! 

Authentic Greek Breakfast & Brunch

Enjoy a delicious Greek breakfast with 100% local products. Wake up and smell the aroma of the coffee; savour the rich taste of the handmade cheese and spinach pies; try the local delicacy “chloro” cheese and a series of creative dishes made with authentic love for local gastronomy. Enjoy a freshly squeezed, Greek orange juice and other fresh fruit and cereal as well as many other culinary surprises. The Greek homemade breakfast and brunch of Katsaboo Restaurant Santorini can be delivered to your suite upon request to become the perfect start of a wonderful day in Santorini!


Katsaboo Restaurant is a brand new gastronomic destination in Santorini, a spot where one can enjoy authentic Santorinian cuisine with a modern twist in a sophisticated environment by the elegant beach pool, along with the exceptional, personalized services that have put Calm Collection at the top of our guest’s preferences as a hospitality establishment in Santorini. Katsaboo Restaurant is open for breakfast, brunch and dinner where special music events are organized all summer long.

Tip. During the grape harvesting period, the 'vedema' as it is called in Santorini, our guests can visit the vineyards of the Katsipis family to participate and contribute to the process of wine-making in Santorini. You may also wish to purchase traditional Santorini products from the Katsipis family farm, including fava beans, capers, Santorini tomatoes, sweet grapes, tomato paste and katsounia, the Santorinian cucumber.